Meeting Summary May 2019

Called to order 7:09pm, May 13th, 2019


Officer Reports:

  • Seneschal: Johanna submitted her report. That will be her final report, Frank will take over June 30th as Seneschal
  • Exchequer: May Report was submitted by Fiona. Jacquelyn has yet to send in the officer change form, but plans on it soon.
  • Web Minister: There was a slight traffic spike after the Beards and Bikes event that Frank attended.
  • Marshall: Levi is searching for what would make good helm sizes for loaner gear.
  • Chatelaine: Prepping for Fan Expo by making posters and stuff, and linen has been bought to make more men’s style pants for loaner garb. Recipes for taco tavern have been delivered & learned.


Old Business:

  • Taco Tavern at Unicorn – $660 made, $250 cost (these are estimates?)
  • Holy Humor Demo at Celina First Presbyterian Church – went over well. Due to one or two trouble-stirrers within the church parish, there were complaints about the possibility of a mead-tasting during the demo, (which a member of the parish had suggested to us) so we cancelled that. And then these same also complained about the possibility of “fighting” in the church, but we did not cancel the demo of the heavy and rapier fighting styles. These few folk did not attend the demo, and the rest of the church enjoyed the demo and said (and continues to say) that we are welcome to continue meeting there. Should note that the complaining party members are not on the governing board of the church, and this board (the Session) was informed in church bulletins in advance and the Session had already approved the demo and it’s contents.
  • Taco Tavern at Spring Coronation – $1072 made; yet to total receipts to see cost.
    • Note: this much was made for this tavern, which had run out: 10 lbs chkn, 10 lbs beef, 20 lbs pork + leftovers from Unicorn

New Business:

  • Taco Tavern at Harvest Days – in September, but is for sure on our schedule
  • Labor Day Weekend – we have options for another Lunch Tavern. This would be the weekend before Harvest Days’. Due to this being so near the Harvest Days Lunch Tavern, we are declining both options for Labor Day.
  • Mercer County Fair Demo – Our table is paid up. Instead of 5 week-long passes, we have requested 15 day passes, as part of our contribution to the fair. Whether we receive them or not is to be determined. Tables and Chairs will be needed, and possibly a pop-up for a 10’x10’ space. We are likely going to be outside.
  • Celina Fan Expo – no news. Likely more news next month.
  • Breakfast at Push for Pennsic – possible event. Frank and Johanna and Josh are going to be in attendance already
  • Shadowed Stars Germanfest Demo – we are invited. We plan on making a concerted travel effort to attend.
  • Rescheduling the Meeting – Mondays are still preferred. Will move back the meeting time to 7pm.
  • This Month’s A&S: Johanna’s Embroidery Class
  • Suggestion to Repurpose future A&S Gatherings to be Social Gatherings
  • Thrown Weapons – will restart them. Saturdays that there aren’t Shire affiliated events, from 11am-1pm. Beginning immently. Contact Josh Stomel.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

Next Meeting is June 10th, 2019, at 7pm at the Celina First Presbyterian Church.

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