February 2018 Meeting Summary

Feb 27th, 2018 Meeting Summary


Meeting called to order at 7:43pm, and began with officer reports.

  • Seneschal – Submitted her report.
  • Exchequer – Nothing to report, formal officer change still in process.
  • A&S Minister – This month’s A&S meeting was cancelled due to lack of attendees. Will try pewter again next month.
  • Herald – Nothing new. Shire heraldry to be discussed below.
  • Web Minister – Submitted report. Moved mailing service to Mail Chimp.


Old Business:

    • First Quarter Festivus, Wrap-up: There was very little attendance to the first re-attempt of the Festivus, due to sickness and people being at work, et cetera. The Hansels and the Stomels generously covered the cost of the building’s rent. Jerusha proposes we hold the next Festivus on April 15th, a Sunday again, because it will be right after the Demo at WSU, and we hope to interest further any new members we gain from that.


  • Fighter Practice Updates: We’ve held two so far. Jerusha and Yehoshua have been paying rent for the indoor practice location at Van Wert’s Y. As spring approaches, we are looking for roofed, outdoor locations that are free to use, to lessen the burden on our wallets, since we are not yet allowed to keep our own money without Baronial permission. A few locations were mentioned at the meeting, Yehoshua will coordinate obtaining the new (spring/summer) location, so if anyone knows of any locations that might work, please contact him.


    • Shire Heraldry: We reviewed the options for shire heraldry, and took an informal popular poll, to test the waters. Final Vote to Happen at March 27th Business Meeting. If you cannot make that meeting, remember to email your vote in!


  • Shire Fundraiser – Winged Hills Collegium: March 10th. Please try to attend, and bring anything you want to sell! The shire will man the sale tables, and take a 10% cut of the sales for funds of our own. But we do need people to help run the tables/keep an eye on them throughout the event.
  • Royalty Luncheon – Keep Calm & Ceilidh On: March 24th. Lady Olwen is again coordinating the food, and we are the cooks, but only for the Royals food. Need some volunteers from the shire still to attend and assist.
  • Knight in the Middle Ages – WSU Lake Campus Demo: April 10th. Lots of support from the Lake Campus, and options for events at this demo already. Yehoshua would like to request the presence of an SCA noble, and still needs fighters and food. Any who would like to participate, contact him, soon.
  • Lunch Tavern ― Grand Tournament of the Unicorn: April 14th. Jerusha and Yehoshua are in charge of the menu, and they would like to have a walking taco bar. We will need volunteers to help us prep, run, and clean up the lunch tavern during this event. please let a Grenemere officer know if you are able to make it. We will also need many crockpots. The lunch tavern will be by donation.
  • Shire Charter/Financial Policy: Laurentius kindly compiled a few example policies/charters for us, from baronial and other SCA webpages, to the best of his ability. Next business meeting we will begin to hash out from that prototype what we would like to use in ours, and of course what we would like to add, from suggestions from the shire populace. Please think on it and bring your thoughts to the next business meeting.
  • Future Demos – St Mary’s Library & Grand Lake Fan Expo: Tabled, for now.



New Business


  • Fundraiser Opportunity at Keep Calm & Ceilidh On: Possibly another, or a continuation, of our Yard Sale fundraiser from Winged Hills Collegium. It was decided that we will wait until after Winged Hill’s event to see if we would like to do another, and if we still had enough stuff and human-power to sell.
  • Youth Volunteers for Winged Hills Collegium: Volunteers are needed for the Winged Hills Collegium, date of event is above mentioned.
  • Introductory Discussion – First “Official” Event: After discussing what sort of event we would like to do, and what we could do, and possible directions future events could go, the members present decided that a redux of our first, December “Festivus” would be best for us as our “official” event in 2018. This will not necessarily be our cemented, or annual “official” event.



The meeting adjourned at 9:07pm

Archive History

Upcoming Events

7:00 PM A&S Gathering @ First Presbyterian Church
A&S Gathering @ First Presbyterian Church
Jun 19 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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5:00 PM Push for Pennsic
Push for Pennsic
Jul 5 @ 5:00 PM – Jul 7 @ 11:00 AM
Members of Grenemere will be attending this even hosted by the Marche of Havenholde. Grenemere will be serving breakfast tavern at this event. For full details, changes and final information, please visit: http://www.havenholde.net/?q=push2019Share this:FacebookTwitterPrintMoreLinkedInRedditTumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype
7:00 PM Business Meeting @ First Presbyterian Church
Business Meeting @ First Presbyterian Church
Jul 8 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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7:00 PM A&S Gathering @ First Presbyterian Church
A&S Gathering @ First Presbyterian Church
Jul 17 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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all-day A Medieval Day at the Faire @ Mercer County Fairgrounds
A Medieval Day at the Faire @ Mercer County Fairgrounds
Aug 11 all-day
Grenemere will be hosting a one day demo at the Mercer Co Fair in conjunction with the Knights of Valor jousting spectacular held at the grand stands. We are looking for members and interested SCA members to come out in garb, bring A&S, weapons, and other such items to show the best of the SCA! For full[...]

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